On Civil Discourse

“Kids have what I call a built-in hypocrisy antenna that comes up and blocks out what you’re saying when you’re being a hypocrite.” – Ben Carson

So many want to blame President Trump for the lack of civility in society in general.  He is outrageous.  He should represent the office of President of the United States in a more appropriate manner.  But civility died long before he even became a political figure.  Hollywood has long pushed the limits of traditional decency.  Artists and writers have pushed boundaries for centuries.

Anyone who wants to argue that Trump is the problem needs only to remember the standing ovation received by Robert De Niro at the Tony’s when he so eloquently stated, “Fuck Trump,” or the comments in any social media feed.  We live in a decidedly uncivil society.  The people who used to be shocked by it are now on board with Trump, and the people who didn’t used to be shocked by it are now somehow offended by that.  What’s worse than living in an uncivil society is that we live in a hypocritical society.

In the Masterpiece Cake Shop case, the Supreme Court decided 7-2 in favor of the business owner’s right to refuse to perform in a manner that offended his sincerely held religious beliefs.  That decision was not a nail-biter.  Merely extrapolated as a football score, it would have been 49-14.  In reality, a 7-2 Supreme Court decision on any social issue is more like a score of 100-0 in a football game.  There are two justices on either end who will never join the majority.  How did the liberal media respond?  They decried the decision as an affront to LGBT people.  It doesn’t matter; no one has a right not to be offended.  We all have a right to exercise our own religious beliefs.

Now consider the decision of the owner of the Red Hen to refuse to serve Sarah Sanders.  I personally believe she was well within her rights, just as the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop was within his rights.  She owns a private business selling to private individuals with no government intervention whatsoever.  She and her employees sincerely don’t believe in Sarah Sanders’ politics and who she represents.  They shouldn’t have to serve her.  I don’t even care that they weren’t being subjected to her political beliefs, she was just there to eat.

How did the liberal media respond?  They haven’t stopped crowing about it.  Do they sincerely believe in anything that is not a part of their own agenda?  Is it more important in our society to protect a person’s political beliefs than their religious beliefs?

Now you have Maxine Waters calling for people to publicly confront members of the Trump administration wherever they may be found.  Did we not witness the media outcry when some Trump supporters were doing the same at political rallies?

Unprincipled argument (and action) is the very definition of hypocrisy.

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